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Specialist MVP technical solutions for start-ups and developing businesses
The Start-Up Journey

Mean Time Development offers a full suite of technical services for your growing business. 

Every project and venture is unique. Our team of developers are experts in working alongside businesses to ensure the right software solutions to reflect individual business needs - whatever the stage of your business


Your Idea

Every business starts with a great idea. However moving from the idea stage through to a functioning business is a challenging journey. We're here to help you through the technical process -  focusing on getting you up and running and selling your product or service as quickly as possible. 

Technical Specification

Right from the word go, Mean Time Development can work alongside you to help plan out a technical specification that turns your great idea into a realisable commercial product or service.  


We can create a prototype of your product or service that you can use to help demonstrate your idea to stakeholders, interested parties and potential clients.

Minimum Value Proposition

Working alongside you to develop your minimum value proposition,  to help raise finance in those all-important funding rounds and attract your core clients or customers.


Helping you build multi-device BETA versions of your website - testing and refining until it is ready for you to push live. 


As a live business you will need to keep adapting and building scalable technical solutions as your business develops and grows. We're here to help.

Our Services


We are experienced in the following technologies:

PHP, Java Script, Drupal, MySql, AWS, React, React Native, Angular, Blazor, Blockchain, Solidity

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